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Why We Whale Watch

We call it whale watching, not whale disturbing. We want our guests to have a memorable experience that involves close encounters with our local whales, however we don’t want this experience to be at the expense of our whales. Our company is a member of the Pacific whale association that has set its own rules of giving the whales lots of space so as to not disrupt their communications with each other. Our mission would be that as many people as possible have a desire to care about the future of these majestic mammals and that in having the opportunity to see them in their natural habitat, there is more passion to protect their environment.

To see whales in there natural environment is something magical and touching. We have come so far from only 20 years ago, when we were still capturing and killing our precious orcas in our local waters.

Come Adventure With Us! Watch and learn all about the environment and animals around us!

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Kayaking Rain or Shine

After weeks of less sun than our usual Sunny July weather….. the sun has returned to us here at Salt Spring Adventures, and that means seeking outdoor time is high on most people’s┬áminds. We had lots of fun these past few weeks, with over 25 kayak tours, despite the rain. Kayaking in the rain is it’s own unique enjoyment as the waters tend to be really calm and with the right gear, the rain need not dampen your spirits!


As for those of us who really prefer to soak in the rays of the sun. Seize the moment now and plan an adventure. Now the right gear looks more like sunscreen and hats, rather than rain jackets and sweaters. Regardless of what the weather holds, we can help you plan the right gear for your next adventure be it on the water or on the land.cp1

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