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Transient Beauties

Transient Orca facts:

Transients, also known as Bigg’s killer whales are famous around the world because of their fantastic and dramatic “hunting dances”. These whales have been doing well in more recent years. A significant factor for their rebounding numbers is the population  of harbour seals growing steadily to a stable, and healthy level.

Interestingly, despite how similar they appear to the Southern Resident Orca, Biggs orcas do not interbreed or interact with the southern residents. They even speak an entirely different dialect when vocalizing with each other. Biggs whales tend to travel in smaller groups of about 3-7 individuals as this is an optimal number for hunting in stealth mode.

Come join one of our amazing Whale Watching tours to see these majestic predators in all their beauty. Our Captains are all trained Naturalists and passionate about wildlife and conservation. Our vessel is powered by quiet engines with the lowest emissions. We work collaboratively with researchers and support the Centre for Whale Research.

Come Adventure With Us!

300 in 3 weeks

We are now officially 3 weeks into our season and we have already had over 300 customers go on adventures with us. It’s going to be a busy summer at this rate and we want to thank all of the wonderful people who have passed through our doors over the past 3 weeks. If you would like to join us for an adventure of your own, we are happy to help you with your adventure plans. Adventures to choose from include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, cycling, whale watching, touring the island on scooters, or touring the harbour in our pedal boat. Whatever adventure you choose, our beautiful island scenery makes all the adventures on land or at sea spectacular.

Come Adventure With Us!

Victoria Day Long Weekend is upon us!

Some fun facts about the May-long weekend for you:

Canada has been celebrating Victoria day since 1845, when Queen Victoria turned 30 years of age. The May-long weekend falls on whichever weekend is closest to the 24th of May in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Interestingly, all of the current Sovereign’s birthdays are all officially celebrated on May 24th as well, regardless of when their actual birthday falls. May long weekend also known as May 2-4 is the official kickoff to summer, where Canadians can confidently count on no longer seeing frost and the fashion trends also switch to lighter-colored summer attire from Victoria Day through until Labour day. With the May-long weekend marking summer being right around the corner, we are getting more and more busy here at the Salt Spring Adventure Company and we would be happy to help you make some fun adventure plans of your own.

Come Adventure With Us!

The Summer Seven:

For any of you out there who like lists, and even more so, the satisfaction of checking things off of it, here is a list of things to do this summer:

1- Ganges Harbour Kayak Tour
Go on a guided tour around Ganges Harbour where you will see all kinds of wildlife; eagles, herons, seals, and dolphins, all of which are regularly sighted visitors to our beautiful harbour.

2- Cycle the Island
Salt Spring Island has amazing scenery which is particularly enjoyable at a slower pace from the seat of a bike. Cycling the island means getting some bonus fitness in at the same time as enjoying the fantastic scenery, because let’s be honest, Salt Spring is not flat. 🙂

3- Whale Watching Tour
Enjoying our surrounding marine wildlife from the seat of our Zodiac is a fun way to spend an afternoon. We love our whales and our objective is to educate our guests about the whales and we are very respectful to our majestic ocean beauties.

4- Go out and play in the rain
While the majority of the summer is hot and dry, we do appreciate when it decides to rain. But don’t let that cancel your outdoor plans. Getting out onto the water in the rain is an experience everyone should try and the waters are super calm while the rain droplets cast ripples onto the ocean.

5- Scooter tour
Touring the island on scooters is a blast. Without the surroundings of a car, you can feel more of a connection with the outdoors, and it’s fuel efficient too!

6- Paddle Boarding
Let this summer be the one that you finally get around to getting on a paddleboard, whether it be your first time or the first time in a long time, paddle boarding in our harbour creates a unique vantage point from which to enjoy the harbour and the surrounding scenery.

7- Try an Electric Bike
If you’re not feeling up to the “work” required by traditional pedal powered bike, the assistance of an electric bike may be exactly what you’re looking for to ease the effort needed for the islands beautiful, yet challenging hills.

Salt Spring Adventure Co is happy to help you check any of these items off your “Summer Seven” list. Come Adventure With Us!

Our New Home


We had the amazing opportunity to switch to a new location at the beginning of last season. This new space has served us very well, and allows for more space to offer you more fun things. We sell a variety of small souvenirs,  clothing and some practical “adventuristic” items as well. We are now officially open for the 2019 season and enthusiastically look forward to offering you an adventure of some kind. Adventure is what we do 🙂

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