Cleaning the Ocean, One Piece at a Time!

We want to do our part to help protect our beautiful environment, and we encourage you to join us in our fight for a CLEANER OCEAN!

We are collecting garbage on our adventures! Help us collect and keep our ocean clean!

Over the past year we have removed 55 pounds of garbage and 33 pounds of recycling from the ocean while on our adventures. That’s a total of 88 pounds of pollutants removed!

Of some of the more interesting items we have removed from the ocean are: a couch cushion, a half-filled leaking bottle of Power Steering fluid, a forest pesticide bag found on an indigenous site, a men’s steel-toed work boot, several plastic buckets, and countless plastic bags and beverage cans.

Interested in joining in us or learning more?! Check out some other resources:

  • Take 3 for the sea – “Take 3 pieces of garbage when you leave the beach, waterway… or anywhere and you’ve made a difference.”
  • SurfRider Foundation VI – “Surfrider is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground – the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment.”
  • 40cean – “One Ocean, One Mission. Let’s End the Ocean Plastic Crisis Together” 

Come Adventure With Us!