While the focus of our daily excursions is visiting the whales we know and love, on our outings we experience much more than just cetacea. Bald Eagles, Red Tailed Hawks, Ospreys, Seals, Otters, and a variety of Dolphins and Porpoises are only a few of the species we frequently have the privilege to observe. The wide range of biodiversity across the Cascadian archipelago is truly awe-inducing, and there is no feeling quite like the one conjured while gazing out across our waters.


Aside from the plethora of marine and aquatic life observed, one will have a lasting impression of the beauty and serenity that surrounds the Gulf Islands.  The lush green landscapes and lack of development provide an evident allure to those seeking the charms of Island Life. The clean air and abundance of good-will keeps even the slickest of city dwellers  for an extra night (or with plans to return!). One trip out on the water with us and you will be planning your retirement! Educational, aesthetically pleasing and exciting, our tours capture the essence of our Temperate Rainforest and leaves one with a desire to, “Get away from it all.”

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The incredible view of the Olympic and North Cascade mountain ranges, the Sun setting over the water, or the light touch of the sea breeze upon the skin are minutiae that make the experience of Whale Watching more than just watching whales.