What kind of boat is it?

It is a 30 foot rigid hull inflatable. It has 4 padded bench seats that seat 3 people each (maybe 4 people if two of them are kids) for a total of 12 passengers. It’s an open zodiac style boat that goes up to 30 knots.

Do we provide snacks or water?

Sorry we do not provide snacks, you are more than welcome to bring your own (though we ask that you consider what types of snacks may work well on a fast moving boat) And as for water, we recommend you bring water along for yourself as we do not provide bottled water on our boat to minimize our impact on the whales by reducing pollution caused by single-use plastics.

Where do we go?

We will go wherever the whales are, travelling as far north as Vancouver, and south into the San Juan Islands. We are part of a whale spotting network that lets us know of the whereabouts of the whales so we know which whales will be best for viewing.  

How long are the tours?

The tours range from 3 hours to 5 hours. Most tours are typically 4 hours long. We want to give you an hour of time spent with the amazing marine wildlife and will travel up to 2 hours away to do so, and then 2 hours back which would result in a “rare” 5 hour tour. If the whales are really close, we may be back as early as 3 hours, though the majority of our tours are approximately 4 hours long.

What about a bathroom?

We suggest everyone use facilities on dry land before the tour starts, though if needed the boat does have a toilet for emergencies. It’s not a 5-star bathroom, though it is more spacious than an airplane lavatory and it “gets the job done”

Can I bring my toddler?

Sorry, our minimum age is 4 years old. We are unable to accommodate children 3 and under.

Will I get seasick?

We have very few guests who experience seasickness on our boat. It’s a very stable boat and we are fortunate to be protected by all the islands in the area. These islands provide shelter from big winds. Open water is where one may anticipate having big swelling waves which are more prone to causing seasickness. Our sheltered waters may get choppy at times in the wind but we have very minimal swell. If you are particularly concerned about feeling unwell, there are natural anti-nausea supplements available from most pharmacies, and we also sell anti-nausea bracelets that work by activating pressure points on the wrist to alleviate symptoms associated with seasickness. 

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