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Outdoor Education - Vancouver Island

Outdoor Education: Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island Sampler (4-5 Days)

As its name suggests, the Vancouver Island Sampler is a selection of exciting activities offered in one great program on Vancouver Island. The Sampler allows participants to try their hand at a range of challenging and rewarding outdoor pursuits in Tofino, BC.

Team Building Exercises and Camp Set Up
Introductory games, tarp shelter building, camping etiquette and safety concerns, fire construction, and more.

Wilderness Awareness / Survival Skills with Wes Gietz of Wind Walker Adventures
Students will participate in a number of fun activities throughout the day, such as a blind rope walk, gathering edible plants / berries, emergency shelter building / survival techniques, making stone boiled tea, a talking circle around a campfire, and more. For more info visit Windwalker Adventures.

Kayaking to the Big Tree Trail
After a safety talk, the students will paddle out from Tofino into the Clayoqout Biosphere Reserve. Your guides will lead you to Meares Island Tribal Park and take your group on an interpretive walk through one of Canada’s most pristine and threatened Old Growth Forests. Students will learn about the extensive native history of the region and discover the ecological significance of Old Growth Forests.

Surf Lessons
Students will have a great time learning the fundamentals of surfing, including safety concerns when in the water (such as what to do when caught in a rip tide.) Each student will receive hands on instruction and guidance from certified instructors.

Ucluelet Aquarium
The ‘Ukee’ Aquarium is the educational gem of the pacific rim - a place where we can get up close and personal with the myriad intertidal marine life found on our shores. The Aquarium’s staff are trained biologists who make learning fun!

Raincoast Education Society
The RES’ skilled naturalists can take your group on a rainforest walk, a beach exploration, a mudflat expedition and more! These programs are tons of fun, and a great way to learn more about the natural and cultural history of Clayoquot Sound and the critical ecological role of mudflats and wetlands on the west coast.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. can coordinate all trip logistics for the Island Sampler, including:

Total Cost: $325-550 per participant + HST *
Dates: Flexible
Participants: Max 40

* Overall cost depends on the number of participants and activities offered, as well as the transportation required.

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail Hike (3-5 Days)

Beautiful old growth forest, excellent coastal wildlife viewing opportunities, and well cared for trails and campsites make the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail one of BC’s premiere ocean side hiking trails. This program provides students with the opportunity to learn the fundamental elements in trip planning, zero impact camping practices, ecological discovery and the fundamental elements of leadership.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. is capable of coordinating the logistics for a multi-day hike on the Juan De Fuca Marine Trail, including:

Cost: $75 per day per person + HST
Dates: Flexible
Participants: Min 6 / Max 12

Surfing Camp in Tofino, BC (3-5 Days)

Like the Island sampler, this surf trip takes place in Tofino. However, this trip focuses primarily on surfing, a sport that is growing exponentially in popularity on the West Coast of Canada. Tofino is Canada's top surf destination, boasting a variety of safe beach breaks on which to surf and over 8 different surf schools.

We have our own professional surf instructors who will assist students personally while in the water. Staff will be following safety standards set by the BC Surfing Instructors Association, which include:

Camping is possible at Bella Pacifica Campground, which offers hot showers and a pool and hot tub close by. Hostel accommodations can be reserved by request. Aside from surfing, students can participate in a variety of activities including hiking, orienteering, outdoor skill exercises, intertidal zone exploration and more.

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. coordinate the following logistics of the surfing camp:

Risk Management
Staff /instructors
Gear, wet suits and surf boards
Meal Planning
Emergency / Evacuation Procedures
Park Permits

Cost: $ 100 - 135 / student / day **
# of Days: 3-5
Dates: Flexible
# of Participants: min 8, max 15 - larger groups could
be arranged.

** Price will change depending on type of accommodations requested (i.e. camping vs. Hostel accommodations).

The Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. specializes in planning and delivering seamless, unique, fun and enlightening adventure programs for school, youth and general groups. Read more about our Outdoor Education Programs.

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