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Salt Spring Island Scooter Rental

Explore our coastal paradise on two wheels.

Our Honda Ruckus Scooter rentals give you the freedom to visit Salt Spring Island's many studios, beaches and oceanside roads. We provide all renters with an operational run-down of the scooters. We can provide a map and are happy to give you recommendations of where to ride.

Scooter Rental Rates:

2 hrs $39  
4 hrs $59  
8 hrs $79  
Overnight (24hrs) $99 + fuel

Plus 5% GST & 7% PST

Rental Requirements:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can more than one person ride on a scooter?
Unfortunately, no, only one driver and no passengers at all times.

Can I use an International Driver's License?
Yes, if it qualifies you to legally drive in British Columbia at a Novice level.

I don't have a credit card; how can I leave a damage deposit?
A credit card is preferred; however, we can accept cash damage deposits, which will be refunded upon returning a scooter in the condition it was rented. Sorry, we do not accept debit cards for damage deposits.

What is included in the rental waiver?
Our rental waiver essentially states that you agree to return the scooter in the condition in which you rented it, or otherwise take full financial responsibility for any damages.

Is there an optional additional renters insurance?
We offer a damage insurance policy you can purchase for an additional $5 which insures you against any damage or needed repairs, with a deductible of $500.

Do I need to return the scooter full of gas?
All fuel is included for rentals up to 8 hours. After that, you will need to return scooters fueled up. It's easy – and we will show you how!

Can I drive the scooter up Mt. Maxwell?
Sadly, the Mt. Maxwell road is usually like driving through a river bed. We ask that you refrain from this area. We ask that you do not drive on any gravel roads, pathways, or on beaches. Scooters are motor vehicles that are only legally allowed to be driven on paved roads.

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