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Womens’ Transformative Yoga & Kayak Adventure

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2019 Tour TBA
4 days   $900 per person   10 people max.
Custom tour dates and durations available. Contact us to book now.

Join us this summer for an unforgettable Woman's Only Kayak & Yoga Adventure with our Certified Kayak Guides and Yoga Instructor.

Our guides will lead you to some of the most beautiful camping and paddling destinations in British Columbia. Stunning white shell beaches, amazing sandstone formations, abundant marine wildlife and a Mediterranean-like climate in protected waters make the Southern Gulf Islands a world-class kayaking destination.

At the Salt Spring Adventure Co., we pride ourselves with offering the best possible kayaking experience for our guests — providing excellent customer service, certified and experienced guides, quality equipment, and fantastic meals made from local seafood and meats, produce, products and wine.

Kayaks on the Gulf Islands beach

Local Foods

Salish Sea Anemone near Vancouver Island, BC

Kayaking Destinations

Obviously, kayaking is susceptible to wind, weather and other factors when planning tour routes. Below is a sample of all the possible places we could visit on our kayaking trip with you. We might spend one night in each spot, or choose to stay a couple nights in an amazing place. Each place is special and unique, and only Mother Nature, and your guides' knowledge of the area can predict where you will go. We will balance paddling with yoga and relaxation nicely so you can enjoy and appreciate all of it.

To start our Adventure, we will meet at our Salt Spring Adventure Co. office and our guides will go over the finer points of expedition kayaking: paddle technique, boat safety, proper packing of a kayak, etc. We will then decide to leave from the beach, or choose to drive to another launch location.

Chain Islets, Chocolate Beach to Prevost Island

We will launch our packed boats from our private dock at the Salt Spring Marina, paddle past the Chain Islets, stopping at the beautiful Chocolate Beach for lunch. After, we will carry on out to James Bay on Prevost Island. We will set up camp and a kitchen in the old apple orchard in James Bay, part of the Gulf Islands National Park system. We will then proceed to enjoy a glass of wine and some delicacies while watching the sunset over the Coast Mountains, and talk of the discoveries we will make paddling around Prevost Island on day two.

Wallace Island Provincial Park

Wallace Island, located in beautiful Trincomali Channel between the northern ends of Salt Spring and Galiano islands, offers numerous beaches, coves and offshore islets to explore. Bald eagles, black-tailed deer and mink are common in the park, as well as harbour seals, sea lions and river otters. You will spend two nights there, exploring the Island and paddling around the many small and beautiful islands. Chivers Point on Wallace island is a perfect camping spot for kayakers, with a personal beach just for us, and the view being one of the best.

Dionisio Point Provincial Park

In the morning, we will learn to predict the day’s tides and currents over Salt Spring Organic Coffee and come up with a plan for the day. Our timing for the day must be just right as we head to Polier Pass, an area of fast tidal currents that result in fast moving whirlpools and standing waves. We need to be there at slack tide for safety’s sake. The fast flowing tidal currents of Polier Pass have created a rich intertidal life – sea-stars, nudibranchs and chitons can be seen in the tide pools, and at times large quantities of swimming scallop shells can be found on the beaches. Stellar Sea Lions are often spotted in swimming and playing in the churning waters. Dionisio Point offers a beautiful, serene campground with incredible scenery, including headlands flanked by sandy beaches, picturesque bays and a unique shoreline that includes sculpted sandstone shelves, pebble and sand beaches and colourful wildflower meadows.

Blackberry Point on Valdes Island

We will paddle back through Polier Pass to Blackberry Point. While sipping your Pinot Gris on the white shell beach of Blackberry Point, you’d swear you were in the Mediterranean. This is one of the Gulf Islands most beautiful campsites with an extensive sand beach, an attractive meadow for camping and extensive eroded sandstone formations to explore nearby.

‘The Cut’ between Thetis and Kuper Islands

You won’t believe there is actually a water passage between these two beautiful islands until you see it for yourself. We will stop in the picturesque Telegraph Harbour for a bite at the Thetis Island Marina Pub, then paddle south along the First Nations Reserve that is Kuper Island, past incredible sandstone formations filled with cormorant nests.

Tent Island

Owned by the Penelakut First Nations, this Island is a little taste of heaven. With a warm bay for swimming, walking trails around the island, and nice views of the Northern Islands, it is a great place for a last night on the water.


What you need to bring:

Thank you so much for a fabulous adventure. Everything was so well organized even down to the small details. I truly felt like we were all treated like goddesses. Several of my friends have said they want to go next year!

With gratitude,
Jody Webber

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Safety and Equipment

Safety & Equipment

Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid, have been trained by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, and are well-learned nature geeks who know their stuff. All tours prices include use of life jackets, spray skirts (they keep the water out), and paddles. Our guides carry a wide array of safety equipment, including first aid kits, cell phones, VHF radios, spare clothes, and more. Your safety is our highest priority.

Our Kayaking Tours are Kid Friendly

Children & Families

Some of our kayaks fit two and a half people! They are very stable boats, equipped with a middle hatch seat designed to carry your 2-3 year old special someone, who then has the important job of being "the look out" for BC wildlife. Your child will have an incredible time, making memories, exploring the natural world with you!
Child Age 4-6 FREE with two adults
Child Age 7-11 10% OFF with one adult

Value Added Tours

Value Added Tours

We do our very best to give every customer their money’s worth, which is why on any Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. Expedition there is the opportunity for you to learn more about the finer points of kayaking such as:

  • Paddle stroke technique
  • How to read nautical charts
  • Weather prediction
  • Calculating currents and tides
  • Wet exits and rescues


What is included?
All meals and snacks, all kayak related personal / safety / emergency gear, two certified guides, tents, sleeping pads, pillows (sleeping bags $25 extra flat rate), dry bags, and 1-2 yoga classes per day.

What about food?
We provide all kitchen equipment, meals, drinks, and snacks. We do our best to create well rounded meals containing as much local organic produce, seafood and meats as possible. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know on your medical form which is due 30 days prior to trip departure.

How large are the groups?
The maximum group size on our kayak trips is 10. The ratio of guides to clients is 1:5.

What are the sleeping / tent arrangements?
We do ask clients to share a tent with one other group member, as we can only carry so many tents on a tour. If you wish for your own private tent, you may bring one of your own (must be a strictly single tent only) or we can supply you with one for an additional $20 fee.

What is the difficulty level?
A multiday kayak adventure in the Gulf Islands requires that you have a moderate level of fitness. If you lead an active lifestyle and feel physically up for the challenge of paddling for 4 – 5 hours a day, you will do just fine. Some upper body exertion is involved, but you do not need to be athletic to enjoy sea kayaking in the Gulf Islands. Hitting the gym for some pre-trip upper body strength training may make some people’s experience more enjoyable.

How much will we paddle each day?
The amount of paddling each day depends on a number of factors: route, winds, currents, group ability, and daily itinerary requirements but generally we will paddle no more than 4-5 hours a day.

We do provide one healthy glass of wine with your dinner meal, at the end of the day, as we feel it complements the food and setting. Alcohol may only be consumed at the end of the paddling day when we have no further plans of heading out on the water. We ask that you do not bring alcohol on the trip with you. If you have a special bottle of wine you would like to share over dinner, we can substitute it for our bottle of wine and share it with the group.

When should we arrive and can you recommend a place to stay?
Most of our customers come to Salt Spring Island the night before the trip departure date. There are a number of great places to stay on Salt Spring Island. If you are arriving the morning of departure, please plan to be in Ganges by 8:30 – 9:00am. If you require pick up at Salt Spring International Airport (Float Plane Dock), please let us know.

What if we are arriving without a car and need a ride to the office on the morning of trip departure?
If you are coming without a car, we recommend the Harbour House Hotel (across the street from our office), the Salt Spring Inn or the Wisteria B&B. Due to the fact that Salt Spring is a large island, we may NOT be able to pick you up if you are staying outside Ganges, due to time constraints on the morning of the trip departure. When booking your accommodations for the night before, please ask your host how far their place is to town. If you need a ride from your place of accommodations to our office, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to coordinate a ride for you (this may mean a taxi at your expense).

Where are we meeting?
On the day of the trip departure we will be meeting at our office at #7 – 126 Upper Ganges Rd. Our office is located at the Salt Spring Marina and is adjacent to Moby’s Pub (well known by locals). Our trip will begin at 8 am on the day of departure.

When will the trip end?
The trip will end by 5pm at the latest, on the final day of the trip. If you have ferries or planes to catch please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. If making reservations for ferries and planes please ensure their departure time is no earlier than 5pm.

Where can we leave our cars?
We will arrange a space for your car for the duration of the trip. We show you to safe parking lots, or we leave them at the launch location.

Registration, Deposit & Cancellation

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