Whale Watching & Marine Wildlife Sightseeing Tours

The Gulf Islands are a wild place, full of amazing marine wildlife and inspiring landscapes.

Learn first-hand about endangered species and ecosystems in a region that is facing growing conservation concerns. Since the locations of many animals are determined by the tides, weather, time of day, breeding cycles and food supply, we do not follow a predetermined route – every adventure is truly unique.

We operate between March and October, and see whales everyday between June and September. Our tours are based on weather and whale/marine wildlife sighting information. The speed and maneuverability of our specially-built vessel and the daily observations of our crew, make a tour with Salt Spring Adventure Co. Ltd. the best way to experience the nature and splendor of the Gulf Islands.

Wildlife You May See:

  • Orca Whales
  • Humpback Whales
  • Minke Whales
  • Grey Whales
  • Fin Whales
  • Dalls' Porpoise
  • Harbour Porpoise
  • White Sided Dolphins
  • Sealions
  • Harbour Seals
  • Bald Eagles

Why Our Tours Are Amazing:

  • All our Captains have ample experience and knowledge of our local ecosystems, are passionate about wildlife and conservation and are certified by Transport Canada.
  • Our vessel is high performance, safe and certified, powered by quiet engines with the lowest emissions.
  • We work collaboratively with researchers and support the Centre for Whale Research.
  • We are centrally located in the heart of our local whales' feeding routes, so we can get anywhere the whales are!
  • Our boat has an on-board washroom.
  • Our boat has a hydrophone to listen to the whales!

Why We Whale Watch

We love what we do and we do it for a variety of reasons.
Read our PDF for more here...

Whale Sighting Guarantee (June to September)

Usually, we are proud to offer a Whale Guarantee to our guests. We belong to a whale spotting network and provide passengers with the most up to date information prior to departure. Typically, if you do not see whales on our Whale Watching Tours between June and September, you get a Gift Certificate good for one year to come back and have another amazing day on our Whale Watching Tour. However, although we have had great success with whale sightings in Summer 2020, we are not offering our guarantee this year due to a reduction of boats on the water.

Tours & Prices

Whale Watching with Salt Spring Adventure Co.

Whale Watching Tour

We operate March to October and see whales everyday June to September. Particular whale sightings vary day to day and can include Orca, Humpback, Minke, Grey, and Fin whales, as well as a variety of other marine wildlife, in our local Salish Sea.
3-4hrs * see notes below

Adult $139
Youth (4-11) $119
Senior (65+) $119

Includes your Conservation Contribution to the Centre for Whale Research (see above)

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Bald Eagle Sighting on our To The Birds Tour with Salt Spring Adventure Co.

Marine Wildlife Tour

Travel to Mayne and Saturna Islands, and around the nearby smaller Islands. Wildlife sightings may include bald eagles, seals, porpoise, and sealions. If whales are sighted during this tour, we stay out longer and for no extra charge!
2hrs * see notes below

Adult $110
Youth (4-11) $95
Senior (65+) $95

Includes your Conservation Contribution to the Centre for Whale Research (see above)

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Goin for a Rip Zodiac Tour with Salt Spring Adventure Co.

Goin’ for a Rip!

A fun, fast and exhilarating boat ride from Ganges Harbour on our wicked Zodiac! Bounce around in your seat with the wind whipping through your hair, while your Captain does figure-8's and launches from our own wake! This tour is surrounded by beautiful scenery as we rip around the Gulf Islands.

Adult $85
Youth (4-11) $75
Senior (65+) $75

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Bald Eagle Sighting on our To The Birds Tour with Salt Spring Adventure Co.

To The Birds

A scenic and focused tour for those who have a fondness for our flying, fine-feathered friends. Spot Bald Eagles' nests high in the trees. Be amazed at the cliff-nesting marine birds, who dive from the cliffs to fish while their babies peek from the nests. Watch Great Blue Herons stoically fishing along the shoreline. And so much more!

Adult $110
Youth (4-11) $95
Senior (65+) $95

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Our Zodiac at the Salt Spring Adventure Co. Dock

Gulf Islands Water Taxi

Our private charters are great for getting your group of up to 12 people to another island for special events or just to explore! Our Zodiac travels at a zippy 30 knots to get you to your destination fast. Full payment (non-refundable unless cancelled due to weather or mechanical issues) for charters is due one week prior to departure.

Summer $300/hr
Off Season $250/hr
Waiting $50/hr

Phone toll free: 1.877.537.2764 to book

Our Salt Spring Adventure Co. Zodiac

Private Charter Destinations

Some of the many routes we offer are:

  • Ganges – Galiano (Sturdies Bay) $300
  • Ganges – Mayne (Miners Bay) $300
  • Ganges – North Pender (Port Washington) $300
  • Ganges – Saturna (Lyall Harbour) $450
  • Ganges – Butchart Gardens $600
  • We are happy to offer custom trips to other destinations, just ask us!

All routes are based on a one-way trip. We charge from the time we leave our dock, to the time we get back to our dock.

Phone toll free: 1.877.537.2764 to book

Departures are from Ganges Marina with pickups from other islands by request, with minimum two adults for an additional $10 per person charge on Whale Watching Tours and Marine Wildlife Tours. The pickup results in an hour shorter tour for picked up passengers. We only do one special pickup per tour, so the opportunity is limited. We recommend booking well in advance.

We also do pickups for Private Charters, with an added hour charge for the time from Salt Spring Island. The places we pickup from are:

Our Whale Watching tours can range from 3-5 hours, depending on where the whales and sea life are that day! A long tour is rare, but can happen. Please do not book anything directly after your tour. We cannot guarantee when we will return, as we want to show you our amazing marine wildlife — and we will travel far do to so!

Our Marine Wildlife tours are 2 hours long. If we do find whales, we might stay out a few minutes longer to check them out, but we do not go searching for them on this tour.

$1 Conservation Contribution for every person who tours with us!

We are dedicated to helping to protect our local environment and animals. $1.00 from every person that goes whale watching or marine sightseeing with us goes directly to the Centre for Whale Research, who have been dedicated to the study and conservation of the Southern Resident Killer Whale (Orca) population in the Pacific Northwest since 1976.

We are some of the luckiest people on earth, being able to view these magnificent whales in their own territory. Our local Orca whale population is endangered and their lives are threatened due to lack of food, among other problems. We want to make sure our conservation donation money is used to directly aid in scientific studies, as well as initiatives working towards habitat protection and salmon stock restoration.

Thank you for helping us create a brighter future for our Orca Whales!

Terms & Conditions

We are committed to observing federal guidelines with respect to marine mammal and whale viewing.

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