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Jobs at Salt Spring Adventure Co.

Love kayaking and the outdoors? Come work with us!

We offer a great working environment that is both challenging and rewarding. We look for enthusiastic, passionate, outgoing individuals to join our adventure family!

We are now actively hiring for our 2022 Season. If you think you would be a good fit for our team and are interested in a job listed below, please email us your resume and cover letter to info@saltspringadventures.com.


Must be certified as a Level 1 Guide with SKGABC or an equal or higher certification.

Kayak Day Guides work 4-5 days/week in peak season. As a day guide you will be mainly conducting tours within our local chain of islands. You will do 1-2 tours per day usually in shoulder season. In peak season (July and August) guides often have 3 tours per day! We offer competitive wages before client tips and include great perks such as discounts and standby tours for friends and family!


Must be certified as a Level 2 Guide with SKGABC or an equal or higher certification.

We are looking for multi-day guides that need to fill their season with amazing trips around the Gulf Islands! We are open to booking trips around guides’ schedules, as well as keeping you on our on-call list. We have a lot of short notice clients and love having some flexibility within our team!

Youth-Group Multi-Day Level 2 Guides for May, June & September

If you have the months of May, June and/or September available and want to go on some great 3-5 day kayak trips with youth groups, this is the job for you! It takes a special kind of person to love camping, kayaking, playing ridiculous games and having fun with a group of teenagers.

We love to hire guides who have these qualifications and attributes:

  • Certified CPR-C, VHF Radio, and Wilderness First Aid
  • Love for adventure and working hard for a short, busy season
  • Good leadership and time management skills
  • Works well with other guides
  • Reliable, dependable, and shows up for work on time
  • Able to do the “on call” guiding life
  • Wants to get comfortable in a job you love for many seasons
  • Valid drivers license – bonus if you can drive with a kayak trailer
  • Bonus if you have your own kayak and gear

Our usual season can look a little like this:

  • May is ramping up with back-to-back school trips, tons of fun, and a nice calm pace to get the season going
  • June is a consistent pace and builds over the month. If the weather is good, it is busy!
  • July the tourism tap turns on full blast and you are full on! Day/multi-day tours are in full bloom, so you will work!
  • August is crazy non-stop! This is the peak of the season we usually do not have enough guides or boats to satisfy demand.
  • September starts to slow back down. We have a couple more school trips to wind down the season. It can stay really busy if the weather stays nice.
  • October we relax into an easy going part time schedule while students return to their classes.

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Please email us your resume and a detailed bio to info@saltspringadventures.com.

Our mission is to create lasting memories and inspire others to care deeply about the natural environment through outdoor adventure.



Our goal is to provide guests of all ages with engaging outdoor experiences that create lasting memories.


We aim to inspire environmental awareness and understanding through providing participants with avenues for learning and self discovery.


We keep sustainability at the forefront of our company’s development to ensure we practice what we preach, and are proud to take ownership over our actions.