Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP Boarding is a relaxing way to explore the calm ocean waters of Salt Spring Island's Ganges Harbour.

SUP boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world due to its accessibility and versatility. As a relatively new watersport, SUP boarding has its beginnings in Hawaii, as a way for 1960's surf instructors to help teach their students. Stand up paddle boards look a lot like standard surfboards, but are built longer and wider to allow the paddler to stand easily and paddle with a canoe-like paddle. Paddlers are connected to the board by an ankle leash. The fun-factor of surfing combined with canoeing's ease of use gives the stand up paddle board a wider appeal.

Paddle Board Rentals

Our SUP Boards can be rented on an hourly and/or daily basis all summer long and include a paddle and personal floatation device (PFD).
Must be a confident swimmer.

2hrs $40
4hrs $50
Full Day (24hrs) $60
Second Day $50
Additional Days $45/day

A valid credit card is required for a damage deposit hold. We pre-authorize/hold $100 for paddle board rented. Damage fees equal to 1 or 2 day of rental fee plus any equipment needing to be purchased/replaced.

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We recommend you take your rented kayak, canoe, boat or paddle board out in our beautiful Ganges Harbour. We give you route information and there is lots of wildlife to view, as well as some amazing beaches to spend some time.

We do need our clients to carry the gear down 4 stairs onto our beach for the rental, and return it in the same manor. Our traditional ocean kayaks launch off of our kayak dock.

If you want to take your rented equipment elsewhere, PLEASE BE AWARE our shoreline has quite a lot of elevation to the road. You will need to lift and carry your equipment up 3 flights of stairs and strap it down to your car. We can supply foam blocks and straps, but we cannot help you carry your kayak, canoe, boat or paddle board.

We do reserve the right to tell clients that their vehicle is not suitable for transporting the rental equipment, due to our concern of damage to our gear. Any damage to the rental equipment created by the transportation or during the rental is the clients' financial responsibility to pay for it.

If you are renting our kayaks for a multiday and need to pack your boats, we have a great rental beach for this purpose, which is off our dock, and gives you the time and space you need to pack in peace. This requires you to move your gear down our 3 flights of stairs. We cannot have gear being loaded/unloaded from our dock.

If you have questions about this, please let us know!

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